Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Bear

We just finished the most amazing weekend ever! I’m still on a high!!! And I seriously couldn’t wait to blog about it… such a wonderful trip. I feel like I should try to be sassy and witty and snarky like other good bloggers, but I’m seriously on cloud nine and just want to tell the […]

The snozzberries taste like snozzberries…

Yesterday afternoon, the Corwins found adventure in their own backyard. Ok, well it’s not technically our backyard, but instead our apartment’s backyard. We found raspberries. Yep that’s right, wild alaska raspberries, lay unclaimed. So we grabbed our colander and stomped around the lovely Baronness (yep thats our apartment’s name, don’t hate) to the bushes. Ben […]

Our Honeymoon… In a Rather Big Nutshell

Whew! The wedding is over! And we are back from our honeymoon and it is finally time for a new blog as life is sorta, almost, kinda back to order… well almost! The wedding was awesome (watch out for a post to follow about that shin-dig), it was pretty amazing and spectacular and fairy-tale. It […]