Oh, for the love of climbing – The Monolith

This past weekend, Jake, Corrie, Ben and I went out to Hatcher Pass to climb on the Monolith! It was the most amazing weekend! We started out Saturday morning around 10:00 and drove up to Hatcher Pass and down Archangel Road. When we got to the end of the road, we unloaded all our crap, […]

Top Ten Most AMAZING Things About the Kenai!

Whew, just got back from another beautiful weekend on the Kenai River. I’m super exhausted and tired but can’t complain too much as we have a very FULL freezer! Like last weekend, Ben and I drove down to meet mom and dad at the cabin in Sterling. We woke up early on Saturday and headed […]

here fishy, fishy, fishy (part 2)

Part 1 of this blog left off with lots of fishies (7 to be exact)! We were exhausted and crawled into bed not looking forward to the early morning ahead of us. “Whose idea was this anyway!” was rumbled a few times in the cabin that night. We slept so hard Saturday night and woke […]

My Dad = My Hero

When I was growing up, I had two heroes. Obviously, Chuck Norris was one of those heroes. I mean, we watched Walker Texas Ranger all the time. And I thought he was so incredibly cool with those roundhouse kicks, awfully squeaky clean morals and that trusty sidekick, Jimmy. My other hero though was my dad. […]

here fishy, fishy, fishy (part 1)

This past weekend was absolutely brilliant! Ben and I got to spend time rafting and fishing with some of the best people on earth! I could barely wait for this weekend and texted a few people Friday that I was so freakin’ excited!!! And let me tell you it didn’t disappoint… It all started this […]

Backpacking with Benny

Woo! So this post has been a long time in the making! But here it is! And I’m so excited to debut it as this trip was one of the best trips I have ever been on with Ben! Over Memorial Weekend, Ben and I jetted off into the wilds of Alaska to go backpacking. […]

bbbbbbbike rides! (and other summer-y stuff!)

I feel like it has been ages since I have blogged! But don’t worry I have tons of cool blogs coming up staring with this one! So our summer has been going brilliantly… I grieved a bit when June 1st came around as I realized that I don’t have much summer left and I’ll have […]