dippin’ and fishin’

These past few weeks have been absolutely nutters, so it was so nice to have some time with Ben during the middle of the week to hang out. We decided to head on down to the Kenai to see if we could get in on the masses of fish coming up. We headed on down […]

365 day celebration!

Yesterday was our anniversary as you probably already know from this post. Fortunately and unfortunately, we attended a wedding for most of the day. It was fortunate in that we got to be a part of the lovely Kirsten and Ray’s special day (you might remember Kirsten from here). And it was such a wonderful […]

one year into happily ever after…

Oh Happy Day! Today is our 1 year anniversary! Yep, exactly 1 year ago we were doing the whole walk down the aisle, vows, cake cutting, dancing, and getting lots of presents thing! And it was marvelous! I am so thankful to have such a wonderful husband. And have had such a wonderful first year […]

Our Wonderful Trip to Montana – in status updates!

Please excuse my excuses. Ben and I got home Monday at midnight and I had a sore throat. We woke up Monday morning at 5:45 and I had a full on head cold. And have been feeling pretty lousy ever since. And when I feel lousy, my creativity doesn’t flow all that well. Usually I just want […]

The 5 weirdest things you will hear as a newlywed.

Today is July 8th. This time last year on July 8th, my life was insane. Not only was I planning a wedding, I was also getting ready to move out of my parent’s house/best friend’s house, putting together a fantastic honeymoon and gearing up for Master’s school. Life seemed insane. But this year’s July 8th, […]

Floating on the 4th!

Happy 4th of July! Ok, so I’m a little late, but I never have time to get on the internet on the weekend! Yesterday, to celebrate the 4th, Ben and I went rafting with Ben’s boss Blaine. We headed on up to Eagle river (or as Ben likes to call it, Evil River) around 10:00, did some […]

A quick trip down to the Ship

Last night, Ben, Ryan, Jessie and I headed down to Ship Creek. Ben and I have ridden down to Ship Creek a few times on our bikes from our house, so you might have heard about it if you have read this post. It is a super awesome creek in Downtown Anchorage. But it is […]