bringing Ruby home!

Well, if anyone knows me, then they know that I have wanted a dog ever since I moved out of ol’ mom and dad’s home and had to leave sweet lil’ Phoebe. Seriously, when I moved in with Ben, I realized how much I missed having my puppy snuggle me in the morning, and come with […]

all growed up! a tour of our new home.

Soooooo, I guess it’s the time to announce our big news! I’ve been a little leary of posting anything until it was completely official…. but we just signed off and are moving into our beautiful new home! Here it is! In all it’s glory! Located in the lovely Rogers Park in midtown Anchorage. While it’s a […]

Meet Ruby Corwin!!! “It’s so FLUFFY!!!!”

WE GOT A PUPPY!!!!! Well, sort of… we don’t actually get to bring her home for a week. BUT STILL!!! WE GOT A PUPPY!! And her name is Ruby. Whew, it definitely took us a while to get there but Ruby is the perfect name for our cute lil’ puppy. Ben and I have been […]