xmas in mt!

Ben and I just got back from a splendid week spent in Montana! We had such a glorious time with family and friends. We flew in on Sunday and had a great evening catching up with Jamie and Julie (Ben’s brother and mom) over some delicious deer chili that Julie treated us to! We woke […]

bring your wifey to work day…

Today was “Bring your wifey to work day!”. No, I’m just kidding; it wasn’t really “Bring your wifey to work day!”. But I did get to go to spend this morning with Ben at his job! I spent the morning volunteering for the Chugach State Park and helped Ben on his Monday morning shoveling run! […]

Ben is 24!!!!

On Saturday, Ben turned 24; and we celebrated in style! On Friday evening, we started the celebrations by inviting over lots of friends for some curry, wii games, and a bonfire! It was a wonderful evening  for both of us. We got to hang out with some of the best people in Alaska; Ben got […]

the month of november-iiiisssshhhh!

Yikes, I realized when I posted my random apostle blog that it has been a while since I’ve updated the blogosphere on the comings and goings of one Corwin tribe. November (and the beginning of December) has been one fun month and we’ve gotten out on some pretty fun hikes in the woods, had one […]

Apostles & Skiing…

So, the other day, Ben and I went on a walk. And while on this walk, I was telling him why I think that he is the best skier in the whole entire world. But he kept being all humble and I was trying to convince him that he is really the most amazing person […]