fine igloos by ben and katie, llc

Last night, Ben and I were trying to find out how we wanted to spend our Saturday. Ben came up with three possible ideas: ice-climbing on the highway, tour out along Eagle River or build an igloo up at Glen Alps… I bet you can guess which one we settled on! Yep, that’s right, this […]

president’s day weekend skiathon

Over President’s Day weekend, Ben and I tried every form of skiing. Yep, we went in the backcountry and tooks some tele and at turns; ben skate skied down the trail; we both went on a nordic ski tour; and we just got back from a long day spent on the slopes of Alyeska. Whew, […]

The Adventures of Ben & Blaine – eagle river & south fork

Over the past week, Ben and his boss, Blaine have gotten into some prety beautiful country. Last Sunday, they found themselves skiing in Eagle River Valley and then this past Tuesday, they toured down South Fork to check on a shack for the state. The sites were gorgeous; I felt these pictures were a must […]

touring around prospect

This past weekend, Ben and I grabbed the puppies and our skis and made our way up to Prospect Heights with the mindset that we would do the full Middle Fork Loop. But unfortunately it was super windy, so we turned around and took a shorter loop that took us into the trees to escape […]

jan/feb happenings…

Yeesh, I feel like my poor lil’ bloggie has been slightly neglected over the past month. But never fret o’ faithful blogo fans because I am coming out of my sad winter hibernation (the hibernation where I don’t want to do anything but stay inside and eat and watch Downton Abbey) and we are ready […]