powder and sunshine – clemins cabin extravaganza

Ben and I just got back from the most amazing winter trip ever! We spent three days out playing in the snow at the Dale Clemins Cabin. The Clemins Cabin is right outside of Seward, AK on the Lost Lake Trail. On Sunday, we headed out the door with our skis and packs and puppy-doggie […]

everyday i’m shovelin’…………….

For those of you who are not in Anchorage, you might not know that we are having record snow falls this winter! Right now we have had the second snowiest winter in record and we are well on our way to breaking the record… I think right now, only 6 more inches is needed. And while […]

home, sweet, home – the creation station!!! (and desk)!

Ben and I are basically freakin’ rockstars! We just built a closet/desk/creation station/contraption for $33. That’s right! Our friends, Jake and Corrie, clued us into the idea of using our closet space as a desk space. They built a desk and gear storage shelves in their closet and it looked marvelous, so we decided to […]