my thoughts – struggling with the fruits of the Spirit

For the fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. Against such things there is no law. Galatians 5:22-23. I kinda feel like God gave me a break for Graduate school. Maybe I’m just making this up but I think He knew that I didn’t have the […]

home, sweet, home – from yuck to yard…. part 1

My dad is going to think I’ve gone completely insane. All my life, I’ve hated yardwork. And I still do. But now that we live in the cutest house ever (on the inside!), I’ve been really stoked about making the outside look as cute! So I’ve been addicted to raking and can’t wait to plant […]

come on baby light my FIRE!

Ben and I love campfires! It is seriously my favorite thing when I go camping. It’s actually how I distinguish between camping and backpacking. Backpacking doesn’t ever involve a campfire. But camping has to have a campfire. It’s the law. We also love our backyard and have been working furiously on getting it ready for […]

home, sweet, home – the evolution of the guest room…. part 1

The guest room started out like any other guest room…. completely full of all our ‘stuff’ that didn’t have a home right away. Like piles of books, and closet stuff, and desk stuff, and extra hardwood flooring, and un-hung picture frames. But I have magical dreams for this guest bedroom…. it might take a bit, […]

ruby’s first bear hunt! :)

Yesterday, in honor of Earth Day, Ben, Ruby and I went on a fun hike with a gun! It was Ruby’s first bear hunt and mine and Ben’s first spring hunt of 2012! We went after church, and after lunch, and after a nap, so there wasn’t much hope that we were going to actually shoot […]

Skiing, Climbing, School, Crazies…. And Homer!

I haven’t blogged in a while and I have good reasons. I have been forced to behave as a nutter-butter due to my crazy graduate program. But alas, I am almost done! Currently, as I’m typing, I have 12 days until I am completely done with school work and 18 days until I graduate! But […]

East Fork to Eagle River

As promised here is the next leg of our north to south Wilderness traverse of Chugach State Park. So far Blaine and I have pioneered routes from Pioneer Peak to the East Fork of Eklutna River, Clear Creek to Squatters Creek to North Fork Eagle River and now we’ve completed the East Fork to Eagle […]