Lost sheep.

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been fascinated with the parable of the Lost Sheep. I’m not quite sure when the fascination started but I remember the giant and colorful, Kid’s First Bible that we had and the Lost Sheep was my favorite story. After it came the second best, the Lost Coin, […]

Church score sheet.

One of my favorite quotes is: “In Essentials, unity. In Non-essentials, liberty. In all things, love” Augustine Basically, I think there are some things a church really needs to get right, like – The Trinity, Salvation, Creation… you know all the stuff I learned in BSF. And then there are some things that can go […]

I’m scared of lonely.

I am afraid of spiders. But this isn’t my biggest fear. My biggest fear is to be alone. It isn’t a fear that always plagues me. But like a spider, it hides in the shadows until I’m reminded that it is there. It comes back to me like an old friend and takes up residence […]

Asking Questions.

I was so excited the other day to discover that asking questions is a completely acceptable Jewish thing to do. This was great news for me! My delightful sister can attest to the fact that I have been asking questions since I was born. Throughout elementary school, when my dad would take us to school […]

Chanukah, here I come.

I had almost lost my drive in my quest to discover my Jewish roots. Terrible, huh, since I had only a week before decided on the project. Apparently my confidence is easily dashed. After telling some family and friends and posting it on the internet, I started to have some doubts. Doubt #1: What if […]

Narnia in Alaska: Indian Valley Trail

Narnia in Alaska: Indian Valley Trail

If Narnia took place in Alaska… I’m pretty sure the Indian Valley Trail would be a part of it. On Sunday morning, Ben, Ruby and me mozied up to Indian Valley for a walk in the snow. We skipped church that morning and while Ben was out shopping for some goodies, I was playing some […]

Woman of Insane Faith

I am a member of the coolest bible study… The Gathering. I am also the daughter of the coolest mom who is the Women’s Pastor at said church who hosts the bible study. My mom is one of the teachers at the Gathering, along with some other amazing women. Might I say, it is a […]

Finding my Jewish Roots.

I wrote on my first blog that I am falling more and more in love with Jesus every day. This might seem like a regular Christian thing to say, but I swear it is not. Honestly, every time I learn about Jesus and study his words, it is like taking a shot of rejuvenating Odwalla […]