Esther: no longer an archetype

I used to not really like Esther. Blasphemous, I know. But I never really connected with the whole ‘Princess Jasmine’ hero in my head. She was magnificently gorgeous, had a model-esque physique, and was incredibly brave, smart, saved her people, blah, blah, blah. It didn’t seem fair that she had all the good traits rolled […]

Jesus raises our humanity.

The other day, Ben and I went and tried out a life group. We were at this small group and I know that we were discussing things about money but I can’t remember what brought up one of the most amazing phrases; One of the people there said “Jesus raises our humanity”. The phrase stuck […]

Getting ready for Purim

I am so excited to be celebrating Purim for two reasons. Number 1. I never really thought I had much connection with Esther until this year. This year, I feel like Esther and me are two peas in a pod. And Number 2. It seems like a wicked, fun holiday due to the partying, drinking, […]

Tu B’Shevat

Today, I am celebrating the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shevat. Tu B’Shevat is the day that starts the beginning of “The New Year for Trees”. That just sounds exciting! Apparently this is the start of the season in which the earliest blooming trees in the Land of Israel start to bloom and begin bearing fruit. […]

My Amidah

When celebrating 10 Tevet, I added the Amidah and a bunch of other things to my prayers but I was most amazingly blown away by the beautiful Amidah text. I mean read this: My G‑d, guard my tongue from evil and my lips from speaking deceitfully. Let my soul be silent to those who curse […]

10 Tevet

Ok, I have a confession to make. Only a few months into my Jewish holiday celebration thing and I missed a holiday. I honestly planned to miss it, it was a pre-meditated miss. But I was in Hawaii at the time and it was a fasting holiday and a holiday that required a computer: one […]

Rapids Yurt at the Eagle River Nature Center

Rapids Yurt at the Eagle River Nature Center

True story… Ben and I reserved the Rapids Yurt at the Eagle River Nature Center for December 15-16. Does that date sound familiar?! We didn’t know it at the time that we reserved it that we would be moving out of our house that date and into another one. So because of that we weren’t […]

Chanukah Wrap-Up

Chanukah Wrap-Up

This post is so special to me because I am going to share about my amazing time spent celebrating Chanukah. I honestly thought that I would just be learning a lot about Jewish culture as I stepped into celebrating the Jewish holidays starting with Chanukah. But what I am learning is more about God and […]

New Home, New Job, New Year!

New, new new! The past month has been full of NEW! With every ‘new’, I think comes some level of stress and Ben and I certainly had our share. But honestly, each of the ‘news’ have come with giant blessings as well! New Home At the end of October, Ben and I put an offer […]

Christmas in Hawaii

Christmas in Hawaii

Yeesh, this blog is late. Not that I really have to apologize but I always feel so terrible when I can’t get to blogging. I have so many blogs to catch up on but wanted to start with our amazing trip to Hawaii!!!! Yep, you heard me, HAWAII! Ben and I were so blessed after […]