Purim & Submission: a Purim wrap-up

I’ve been frustrated this past month while studying Esther. The story is amazing and I’ve learned so much. But I’m frustrated with the stereotypes that I had in my head about this amazing heroine and the characters around her. I’m not sure where the stereotypes came from but I thought Esther was like Princess Jasmine […]

Esther: approaching the King

The story of Esther, while jammed packed with other riveting characters, always comes back to our main protagonist.  Today is the fast of Esther. The day when we honor Esther by fasting alongside her. It is easy to honor Esther now, as I know the ending of the story. I know that Esther succeeds, that […]

Patriarchy and Vashti

What is the first thought that comes to your head when you think of Vashti? I usually think of bad. For some reason, the character who gets the least amount of screen time is almost equal in sin to our antagonist Haman. Vashti – the disobedient wife. Is it just me? Or is that how […]

Mordecai and Esther.

Mordecai has slowly become one of my favorite Bible characters. I never gave him much thought. Honestly, I never really found him that important to the story. But now I wonder how Esther could have done what she did without his support, love, and prompting words. He reminded her of her innate God-given courage and […]

Xerxes: the pawn

Lately, I’ve been addicted to watching The Tudors. It is this old show from HBO or something like that and I can’t get enough of it. It downloaded it right before my knee surgery as I knew that I would be hanging out at home and I often have a hankering for historical dramas. I […]

Detox and change.

I think I am finally back after a wicked detox from narcotics. Not even kidding. Yesterday was my first day back to work after my knee surgery. I had taken my last serious pain killer on Sunday night so I could actually drive legally to work. I got to work after about 5 hours of sleep feeling […]