Shavuot. Living in the Harvest.

It is sad to see another feast come and go. Even a feast such as Shavuot that I so totally fell behind on. Once I got started though, I GOT started and had a blast studying the book of Ruth and the meaning of Pentecost for me and for you and for us all. I […]

Whidbey: weekend, weddings, water, wonderfulness.

Ben and I just got back from the most brilliant weekend ever. We headed down early Friday morning, around 12:35 am to Seattle, Washington to celebrate with our dear cousin, Katie and her new husband, Spencer at their wedding! I was seriously bursting at the seams to go! I couldn’t wait to see Ben’s whole […]

anniversary adventure.

Ben was out in the field on our 3rd anniversary. He was far away and couldn’t celebrate, life was rough. booo hoo But alas, I have two legs and a car and so drove up to the South Fork Trailhead after work with Ruby and a picnic and hiked out to his worksite for an […]

3 glorious years.

It sure hasn’t felt like 3 years have passed since our glorious wedding in Whittier, Alaska, but alas, I’ve been married to the man of my dreams for over 1,000 days! Year 1. Year 2. Yep, we are on Year 3! And 3 amazing years they have been! We had many successes and amazing moments. […]

Naomi’s harvest. Preparing for Shavuot.

As I continue my preparations and study for Shavuot, I’m finding I have such a tender heart for our friend, Naomi. I connect with her on so many levels. She’s hurting. I’m guessing she probably had spent days crying herself to sleep, wrapping her arms around her frame and hoping in the morning she would […]

the salmon stories: Salmon Stirfry

Salmon Stirfry is a great change-up from our typical baked salmon recipe! Asian-y goodness over rice! Ingredients: – 1 Salmon fillet (ours was straight out of the ocean) – Store bought stir fry sauce or favorite homemade stir fry sauce – Red Pepper – Green Onions – Olive Oil – Rice 1. Go ahead and […]

Tu B’Av

Welcome to the 15th of Av. Probably the hardest holiday on the calendar to research. Tu B’Av is a small holiday on the Jewish calendar much like Tu B’Shevat. It is kinda like Valentine’s Day but the Jewish way. Tu B’Av is the holiday of looooove. Kinda handy too… since my 3 year anniversary is […]

Eklutna: kayaking, camping, wheeling, hiking.

Ben and I just got back from an awesome weekend out at Eklutna Lake. We were remarking how we haven’t been at an established campground in over 4 years and that it was nice hanging out at a place with a picnic table and firepit. That being said, you won’t find us getting to comfortable… […]

Boaz’s heart. Preparing for Shavuot.

My journey to Shavuot, or my rescheduled version of Shavuot, continues with Chapter 2 in the book of Ruth. Having experienced the losses of Ruth from Chapter 1, Ruth and her mother-in-law have arrived in Bethlehem to the shock of the women folk in the town. I’m not sure where they stayed or how their […]

Ruth’s Loss. Preparing for Shavuot.

A while ago, when I was gearing up for Purim, I had fun reading about Esther. I had read the book of Esther before and I had heard a-plenty of sermons on the book of Esther, but I attempted to read Esther in new light… and boy did God allow me to gleam new truths […]