home, sweet, home: refinishing bedside tables

I had yesterday and today off and thought, “You know what… It’s time! Time to refinish our bedside tables!” hmmm… kinda rethinking those thoughts with a back in spasm and a butt bruised from sitting on concrete for 8 hours. The finished products, though, so worth it! My great-grandmother gave my mom all her furniture […]

The Rosh Hashanah Seder

Rosh Hashanah home celebration is a lot like traditional Shabbat celebration and a Passover Seder. It begins with lighting the candles, saying the blessings over the candles, and the recitation of the blessing (shehecheyanu) which thanks God for allowing us to reach the season. So I decided to write out a step-by-step of the Seder, […]

The Kiddush

The Kiddush is a sacred recitation that is said on the eve of Shabbat (Friday nights) and on Jewish Holidays. The Kiddush is recited over a cup of wine. After the person reciting the Kiddush drinks the wine, it is then passed to those around the table. Before the Kiddush is recited, the challah bread […]

The Tashlich

I think that the thing that I am most excited for about Rosh Hashanah is the Tashlich ceremony. Mostly because I love symbolism… I love nature… I love dramatic and epic things. And the Tashlich ceremony is certainly all of these things. The Tashlich, or Tashlikh ceremony, is a symbol of “casting off”. It is […]

Preparing for Rosh Hashanah

Another big Feast is almost here… Rosh Hashanah! I am currently observing the Month of Elul which is the month that leads up to Rosh Hashanah. The Month of Elul is set up to prepare our hearts and souls for Rosh Hashanah which means “Head of the Year”! It is the Jewish version of New […]

Welcome to the Month of Elul

Welcome to the Month of Elul! The month of Elul actually started a few days ago but that doesn’t matter too much (expect that I’m late with a Jewish holiday… AGAIN!) Ehhh, I just have the worst sense of time and the worst memory. Elul is a time of “introspection and stocktaking – a time […]

hitting the 2nd run…

This past weekend, Ben and I hit the river to see if we could get our hands on some second run reds! We headed out Saturday morning for Sportsmans where we put Happy Adventure in the water and then set sail. The water was super high and fast but we were seeing tons of reds […]