home, sweet, home: kitchen update #1

All last spring, we worked feverishly to tear down a wall and build our beautiful kitchen bar table. Here is the before and after:

A few weeks ago, we started the second stage of this project… adding open shelving and another countertop surface!

(Another before picture… just an empty open space!)

Ben started by heading to our favorite, Hardwood Specialities store and picked out our butcher block and other beautiful maple pieces to use. He then headed over to our neighbors shop one day to assemble the shelves. After sanding it, we brought it over to our house and there it waited for a few days…

(He built the base in one full day and then spent a few hours the next day sanding it)


(Ben is such an amazing carpenter. His attention to detail is astounding!)

Once our butcher block arrived at the store, Ben went and picked it up and then cut it down to size. Then, he sanded it and prepped it for staining.

(With the butcher block on top but not screwed down…)

As if he didn’t have enough to do, he also made me a pot rack!

(Here he is after he put it together holding it up so I could get the idea…. I was a little hesitant at first but now really like it!)


(He then had to climb up into the attic to fasten it in!)

The next day, I spent the morning organizing the kitchen. We had two leftover cabinets that we had taken down just stacked in the corner holding dishes as we waited to save up money to do this project (a whole year!) So I was excited to unload the sucker and rearrange. I washed all the dishes as Ben started sanding and staining the table.

(Cleaning dishes to put out on the shelves!)


(Unloading and organizing!)


(Ben staining the table!)

After three coats of stain, Ben put the butcher block on top and fastened our beautiful shelves to the wall!

(He always looks so cute!)


(Almost finished)

I ordered some cute hand made hammered copper S hooks off Etsy for the pot rack. Then spent the evening loading up the dishes onto our new shelves! And voile!



(The finished product!)


(Close up of the butcher block!)


(Seriously, the attention to detail is out of this world!)


(It is my little baking station… Meet Josephine my Tangerine Kitchenaid!)

Evolution of the Kitchen:

At the start of the project:


After we tore down the wall and built the bar table:


And now, we’ve built the extra counter top surface and added the pot rack:

What do you think? This part of our house is starting to look pretty awesome! 🙂