Meet our new camper: Littlefoot

I forgot to post this post like 8 months ago. Oops, shame on me! But it is really amazing so you should check it out! Ben and I have been dreaming of having our own camper since before we got married. Although we have never been on the same page about which one to get. I have […]

walks & talks

I was blessed to spend the weekend with some of my favorites walking along some of my favorite beaches! What a lucky chicadee I am! Clam Gulch On Friday afternoon, I cut out of work early and headed over to my parent’s house for a camping trip in their new camper! Yes, it was “the […]

sunshiney days….

  There isn’t much better than time spent with your boos. Ruby, Ben and I hit the Turnagain Arm trail from McHugh to Windy last week and it was glorious! The next day we hiked through the woods to try out hand at some rock climbing. It has been over 2 years since the last […]

all around us… SPRING!

Spring is all around us! And after a Friday and Saturday spent apart… Ben and I couldn’t wait to spend a whole day together. We slept in, made smoothies for breakfast, went on a walk in the woods, walked around the massive new Cabelas, hung out with the fam for a few minutes, helped Jenn […]

Picinic Parties!

Apparently, I am still a little kid. Because… I love picnics! And thankfully I am married to the most brilliant husband who loves them as well. On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, we packed up our dinners and headed to sunshiney spots. On Tuesday, we hiked up to a little perch along the Turnagain Arm and […]

oh happy days!!!

It probably doesn’t get much better than sunshine, love, and friendship… which is exactly how Ben and I spent our end of March! It really doesn’t get much better than sunshiney days. I honestly think that my energy has everything to do with Alaskan sun… the more and more sunny it gets… the more and […]