lower gulkana: Otters Unite!

  Otters: Check Jake and Rach: Check Yummy Food: Check Good Weather: Check New Adventures: Check The perfect checklist for a perfect adventure. We headed out of Anchorage late Friday night and hit the road for the Sourdough Campground. It took us a while to get out of dodge because, hey, it’s hard to coordinate four people! But […]

Rafting the Knik!

I’m sure you are tired of hearing me say this, but – THIS PAST WEEKEND WAS TOTALLY WICKED! On Saturday, Ben and I went our separate ways. Ben went with Jake out to the bear grounds to see if they could find one last black bear for the season. Alas, despite hiking 18 miles and […]

beach talks. beach walks

Tuesday, Rebecca and I hit the beach for some walking and talking. It was wonderful. She packed a picnic. I packed the puppy. And we met up at my all time favorite Anchorage beach – Point Waranzof for a little stroll and discussion. Perfection.      

The grief of wishes…

The grief of wishes. The grief of wishes feels like a memory you want to remember but can’t forget. Like a name slipping your mind, you can’t remember it but want to. And yet, like a song you can’t stop singing, but wish you could. The grief of wishes feels like a lingering taste in […]

1 Birthday & 1 Bear: the story of Sunshine and sunshine

So I know that I say this every blog, but…. THIS WEEKEND WAS THE MOST EPIC BEST WEEKEND EVER! 1st off – it was my birthday weekend. I turned 26! But unlike my last birthday, I didn’t cry and think my life was ending… instead we partied hardy with our friends, Jacob and Rachel and our […]