Why I Love Women’s Ministry: a call to a higher standard.

I’ll start this little blog by acknowledging several things. First, if I had written this two years ago, it might have been titled, I Hate Women’s Ministry, but it’s amazing what God does with an open heart and a questioning brain. About two years ago, Ben and I embarked heart first, head following into an […]

blueberries & boos

This past Saturday, Ben, Ruby and I were blessed to go pick some bluuuueeeberries. And yes, all three of us picked. The best pickers are ranked in this order: 1. Ben 2. Ruby 3. Katie Ruby is an amazing blueberry picker. She is also an amazing blueberry eater! It was an amazing day! We had […]

high, wild, & free: Rocky the Ram

high, wild, & free: Rocky the Ram

Welcome to the story of how Ben and Jake conquered sheep country on opening day. They left early Friday morning for sheep country and upon arrival, hiked far into the hills to find those little white specks upon the cliffs. And they found gobs and gobs of them as well as a few other critters! […]

raspberry jammmmboree!

It’s no secret. I LOVE JAM! And my very favorite is raspberry jam. No ifs ands or buts about it! I love that we have a giant raspberry patch in our back yard. I love that we have rhubarb, brocolli, califlower, cilantro, chives, strawberries too, but my favorite is by far our raspberries. And I […]