Mt. Baldy & Ridge to Blacktail Rocks


Today, Cathy, Amy, and I (along with our trusty sidekicks, Oliver and Ruby) set our eyes on Mt. Baldy in Eagle River. We met at my house at 9am and then drove trusty Matilda the Subaru up to the trailhead (thanks to the handy navigating of Amy)! We set out for the hills; opting to head up the backside of Mt. Baldy, for, while longer in distance, this backside trail offers a slower incline. (But let’s be real, not that much slower!) It was a pretty steep climb, once we got around the base of the mount, and we navigated some pretty slippery mud and ice. Our dogs, of course, had the times of their life: chasing, slipping, rolling, and swimming!



IMG_6390 (1)


(Just cooling down after some ground squirrel chases…)


Once we got within eye sight of the ridge, we sat in the tundra and enjoyed an early morning snack. The views were perfect and the sky was spotted with beautiful white puffy clouds!

IMG_6386 IMG_6387

After our little break, we kept on going. We headed down the ridge toward Blacktail Rocks (which I would love to get on top of someday!). We got all the way to the base of it and enjoyed the amazing sights of the Knik Arm, Talkeetnas, Alaska Range, and Eagle River Valley.



IMG_6383 IMG_6380 (1) IMG_6381 IMG_6382 IMG_6373 (2)

We headed back towards Mt. Baldy, walking the beautiful ridge and enjoying each other’s company. We then headed up the peak to Mt. Baldy summit where we saw even more beautiful sights. The hike down was super steep and I can say that it might be a trail that I avoid in the future. But I can see the allure, super gorgeous sights in just 1.5 miles up!





(soooo tired!)


(On the summit of Mt. Baldy)

All in all, the trail up was 1.5 miles(ish), followed by another 1.5 miles(ish) up top on the ridge, and another 1.5 miles down; I’m thinking we probably went about 4.5-5 miles today. I loved being in the hills and getting on another ridge. Mt. Baldy might not be my favorite trail but it sure was gorgeous.