cathy & katie: Flat Top Loop


Cathy and I could not wait to find ourselves in the hills this past weekend. We set out earrrllly on Sunday morning and started up the Flat Top Trail. The morning was perfect and we quickly got up high, looking out of over Anchorage, the ocean, and Denali peaking up over the fog!

IMG_6457 (1) IMG_6456



Ruby, as always, had just an amazing time running all over the place and since we set out so early, we ran into very few souls. 8am – The perfect time to get going at Glen Alps! We got to the Saddle quickly and then set up the rock section. It was slippery, icy, snowy and a little down-right scary in a few parts. With some prayer, encouragement from my BFF and a little chutzpah, we made it up safely and soundly and snacked in the sunshine.

IMG_6466 IMG_6451 IMG_6452 IMG_6455 IMG_6453

Instead of coming down the way we came up, we set off for a little exploration and dropped down into the Peak 2 Saddle and then down a little social trail to Powerline Pass. It was an excellent trail and in telling Ben about it later, he said he often chooses to take it up and down (bypassing the horrible stairs and crowds).

IMG_6464 IMG_6450

Once down at the bottom, we decided we weren’t quite ready to turn around! So we marched to the German Bridge off the Powerline Trail and enjoyed a snack in the sunshine while Ruby relaxed in the river. It was perfection.

IMG_6449 IMG_6448 IMG_6454 IMG_6446

Cathy is the best person to hike with!!! I’m so glad God brought me the perfect hiking buddy! And thus completes our 5th big hiking adventure with each other and our 2nd peak of the summer!