memorial weekend: when it rains, we have fun!


Cathy and I met earrrrrly Saturday morning and loaded up the Subaru and set off for Seward where mom, dad, Jenn, Emma, and Ruby were already having fun and playing in the camper. They had two days of marvelous sunshine at the Seward Rec Camp and Cathy and I were excited to meet up with them and join in on the festivities. Unfortunately, it rained… well let’s be honest… poured. But that didn’t stop us from having a little fun! We got there just in time to enjoy a scrumptious breakfast and great conversation with lots of friends and family who just seemed to keep arriving and piling in! Afterwards, we set out for a stroll around downtown Seward, stopping in at some cute and fun shops along the way! Then back to the camper, where we hung out some more and mom and dad made us a feast. Then more talking, laughing, and off to bed with dreams and hopes of a less rainy Sunday.


(Our fun walk around downtown!)

(Our fun walk around downtown!)


(Camper Sisters...)

(Camper Sisters…)

(My sweet rain puppy)

(My sweet rain puppy)

(Emma didn't mind the rain...)

(Emma didn’t mind the rain…)

(Mom puts out quite a feast!)

(Mom puts out quite a feast!)


Alas, we woke up Sunday to more rain… but we still had a delightful morning. After a delicious breakfast, and an attempt to see if the rain would let up, we all got ready and headed back to Anchorage. Cathy and I enjoyed another lovely drive and were happy with our low-key time in Seward. We woke up Monday though ready to stretch our legs and headed down Powerline for a nice hike. We did about 6 miles round trip and felt happy and rejuvenated. Amazing what some time in the hills will do for your soul!

IMG_6599 IMG_6598 IMG_6597

All in all, it was a rather wonderful weekend… despite a little rain. It was nice to relax for a bit after my week in Seattle. Today I took the most wonderful nap and yesterday, got all my chores done! Ready for the week… Bring it on!