life in the fast lane…

September was a whirlwind.


We moved at the beginning of the month from Wasilla back to Anchorage. It was a bittersweet transition. We loved our year in the Valley, especially the great friends we made and the awesome adventures we got to have. But we were so ecstatic that Ben was able to transfer to his dream job as the Hillside Area Ranger. It was a prayer answered! We loaded up the uhaul and shoved almost everything from our Condo into a storage unit and then took over my parent’s guest bedroom. Oi vey! It was nuts.


Meanwhile we were hunting like crazy in between. On the second weekend in September, Ben and I set out to go hunting but we weren’t really in it. And instead, enjoyed a nice camp out, an early return to Anchorage, Thai food, and a movie. It was kinda lovely.

(A little lake time...)

(A little lake time…)

(A little tundra time...)

(A little tundra time…)

(A little forest time...)

(A little forest time…)

Once the dust settled, we enjoyed some lovely walks and being reunited with some of our favorite Anchorage spaces…

Bluff Happiness

Several evenings, we enjoyed walks through my parent’s neighborhood. One of our favorite spots is out to the bluff. You get to smell the salt spray, hear the waves, even see Beluga’s! Lovely lovely loveliness!


White Spruce Trail

Ben and I also explored one of our favorite trails off the Upper O’Malley trail head. We meandered along the White Spruce Trail, enjoying the quiet trail, beautiful woods, and gorgeous views!



(Ruby sure enjoyed the muddy sections!)

(Ruby sure enjoyed the muddy sections!)


White Spruce Trail, part 2

I went right back to the White Spruce Trail with my wonderful friend, Cathy. She let me talk her EAR off! And she is just the most wonderful trail friend! I just love her! Plus Ruby and Oliver got to go lounging around in giant puddles and roll around in moose beds.

img_4437 img_4438

University Lake

Ruby and I explored the dog park at University Lake on our own one afternoon. I usually don’t like walking on my own, but found this jaunt with my little bug delightful. Plus, those mountains.


Spencer Loop

A jaunt up Spencer Loop is sure to get your lungs huffing and your legs burning. Ben and I enjoyed it on a windy day. It was hot in the trees, barely any wind. By the time we got up top on the ridge, we enjoyed the feel of the wind whipping to cool us down.




Point Woronzof

One Saturday, Ruby and I had the privilege of meeting Corrie, Millie, and Rudder at the Spenard Farmers Market. After some vegetable perusal, we sipped some coffee at the Rustic Goat and then headed to Point Woronzof for a wonderful walk on this beautiful beach! Wonderful morning with wonderful friends!




And, on of the best parts of being back in Anchorage…

Family Time

One of the greatest joys of September was getting to have more time with my family. Dinners with mom and dad. Lunches with my sister. And fun playing with Emma.

(Emma likes to terrorize her cousin, Ruby!)

(Emma likes to terrorize her cousin, Ruby!)

That’s September. Our nutty, crazy move and our recovery!