I love you.

The snow is mostly gone in town. Just waiting for those mountains to melt out.

The lakes are opening.

The skies are parting.

And it is finally warm(er) (sorta).


Between hiking on the Turnagain Arm Trail, Jamie’s visit to Alaska, Camping with the Burtch’s, and our delightful campout, we also hung out with friends and family doing some of our favorite things.

Mat River Park with my best friend. Ben and I strolled around this lovely place. And jumped down on the river for a sandy picnic spot.

selfie selfie2

matriver2 matriver1

Point W with Corrie, Millie, and Rudder. I love walks with the Turners. And this walk was no exception.

img_5676 img_5677 img_5678 img_5673 img_5674 img_5679 img_5675

Rainbow Peak. Ben and Ruby marched up the big and brilliant Rainbow Peak one Monday morning. Poor little Ruby was pretty worn out.

img_1832 img_1831 img_1829 img_1830

Wolverine Peak to Rusty Point. Ben and Ruby were the first up Wolverine and Rusty Point one Monday morning. Ruby chased squirrels until she couldn’t anymore.

img_1855 img_1856

Peak 2. Before a swing shift, Ben and Ruby hiked Flattop and Peak 2. Then they sent me this outrageous text at work, as if I wasn’t going to be jealous!

img_1858 img_1861 img_1862 img_1863

Eagle River & Albert Loop. A delightfully sunny day at the Eagle River Nature Center. Ben and I took the Albert Loop Trail down to the river where we (actually Ben, me on his back) forded rivers, Ruby chased giant logs, and we just had the most amazing time. We finished the loop too. It was perfect.

1 2

Powerline Pass. The most beautiful day in May came on the very last day in May. We enjoyed a yummy breakfast at South and then really enjoyed the sunshine on the Powerline Pass Trail to the German Bridge. It was amazing.

img_1889 img_1890 img_1892

Yay for May!