every morning we goes where we wishes

I was a little sad moving into August. It felt like summer was almost over. And this summer has been so excellent, I didn’t want to leave it behind. We have A LOT! to look forward to this fall but I am not ready to leave the summer and sun (and let’s be honest, it was a very Alaskan summer, so I am also leaving the rain) behind. But then Ben reminded me that we still have August and some fun was still to be had! And we also have a giant moose hunt in September and a bird hunt in October. And we have blueberries and hikes and all sorts of on the horizon… Ok Ben! You win!


And we filled up August with lots of adventure. We went fishing, blueberry picking, lots of walking, laughing, and having fun with friends. And one amazing baby shower!

Here, Sheep.

Ben went out on an 8 day sheep hunt with his buddy, Ray. They hiked over 60 miles and up 44,000 vertical feet. They saw several legal rams but at times, it sounded like they were more interested in the amazing terrain and the adventure of it all. They put 1 stalk on a big ol’ ram but it eluded them. Ben came home like 10 pounds lighter and a whole lot happier!

img_2088 img_2078

A sunny day.

While Ben was out sheep hunting, Corrie, her new baby boo Charlotte, Rudder, Ruby and I found ourselves happily enjoying the sun and the sand at Point W. Corrie was a sweetheart and snapped a bump photo of me. She’s a good friend. I survived the 8 days of Ben being gone with lots of walks, naps, macaroni and cheese, and time with friends.


Yay! Ben came home.

He tried to sneak in the house but I was wide awake at 3:30am when he made it through the doors. We woke up the next morning, cleaned gear, ate a big breakfast, and had a lovely day. We strolled down at Point W again wanting to be near the water and in the sunshine!


A rainy day exploration.

Even though it was pouring down buckets of rain, we had a perfectly enjoyable walk in the woods at the Hilltop Trails. It was lovely.


Another rainy day exploration.

Because it’s been super rainy you guys! It started out lovely and ended lovely on the Rabbit Lakes Trail one Tuesday, but in the middle we enjoyed a downpour! It was a delightful walk with my favorite person.

1 img_2171-1 img_2177-1

Ruby turned 6.

Yes, this fluffy, wild, snuggly, fur baby became a big girl 6 years old today. I love this little Roni.



Hatcher Pass Happiness

A walk along a new trail. Another walk along a familiar trail. Some berries and lots of love. It was a great day in one of our favorite places.

img_2183 img_2184 img_2194 img_6691

August was a good, albeit rainy, month. We are closing in on some major changes this fall and I couldn’t be more excited. Here’s to an amazing September and October and then the big November!