Lived it full. Lived it well.


I really love September. It is crispy and colorful and some of my favorite activities occur during this month.

September is the time for caribou hunting. At the start of the month, dad and Ben headed north in search of caribou. They had to work really hard to find one too. And I think the reason is because I’m Ben’s good luck charm and I wasn’t there. 😉 But Ben was blessed with this beautiful cow bou on the third day of hunting.


September is when you process and harvest. While they were gone, I processed all our apples from our apple tree. Yeesh!


September is the time for walking and we walk around the neighborhood all the time. One evening found such gorgeous sunlight streaming through the trees that we couldn’t resist a few photos.


September is the time for friends. While Ben worked on a house project, I met up with Millie Sue! I guess her mom, Corrie and sister, Charlotte, were also there. She’s a cool kid and we stomped around the Hilltop Trails for a lovely morning.


September is best with bonfires. And these two make it all so much better.

1 img_6738

September is best with trails. One afternoon, we found ourselves hiding from the blustery wind on the Hilltop Trails. We wondered around on an awesome loop and enjoyed just a wonderful time.

img_2266-1 img_2274-1

This September, Ben and I were also in full on nesting mode at our awesome homeWe did yard work, house work, and all sorts of snuggling at our adorable home. It’s feeling more and more put together.

(The last of our tomato harvest)

(The last of our tomato harvest)


Did I mention that September is also the time for moose hunting? We went on a search for a big, ol’ moose. And we found one for sure. Meet Little Foot, our big 58.5″ bull moose. What a blessing.


September is the time for crispy, crunchy, leafy walks. We polished off the weekend with another wonderful woodsy walk.

img_6816-1 img_6839

It has been a delightful September and I find myself, as always, very grateful.