october love.


We love October. Nesting. Walking. Laughing. Campfire-ing. And so much more.

This was our month of lovely October.

After one of our wood harvests, we stopped in for a quick jaunt down the Turngain Pass Trail which is part of the Historic Iditarod Trail. We walked it through the woods, on an adorable boardwalk, all the way to where it dead ends at a bridge missing over a fast moving river and canyon. We will wait patiently for the US Forest Service to hurry up with a bridge so we can continue this great trail.



img_6902 img_6904


We headed up north for a bonfire with the Burtchs and along the way stopped down on the Matanuska River for a delightful river walk. The sun was out and Ruby was on full monster mode – running, swimming, and rolling in dead salmon.

img_6946 img_6947

Ben had the day off work to celebrate Alaska’s Day (lucky him)! He took Ruby on a great adventure in the Chugach hills. They started at Glen Alps and headed down the Powerline Trail taking a left between the Wedge and Avalanche Peak. They climbed the Wedge and walked the ridge down to Ship Lake Pass and out Hidden Valley. As you can see it was a winter wonderland up town and a moose haven down below. img_2357 img_2360 img_2362 img_2364 img_2365 img_2369 img_2370 img_2371 img_2374 img_2376

A jaunt down a new trail at the Campbell Airstrip Trailhead down the Viewline Trail was just what we needed one blustery day. I didn’t get to far before my hips said STOP but it was beautiful nonetheless!


The weather changed for the chilly with snow and wind and all the signs that winter is here. We spent many evenings bundled up for walks around the neighborhood and sitting in front of the brilliant fire.

(Ruby saw a squirrel and wouldn't move)

(Ruby saw a squirrel and wouldn’t move)


Ben destroyed some house projects. The firewood is all chopped and put away. The camper tucked away for the winter. And Little Foot, the moose, all boiled up.


And as always, my family is adorable…

img_6860 img_6867

Mostly, October was a month of slowing down, nesting, and waiting for our baby boo to arrive.

Spoiler alert: HE DID!


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