oh september…


This September was one of the most glorious in terms of weather that I can remember. Bright sunny days and crispy nights. Lots of laugh and times with family and friends. It was wonderful.

Ben travelled all the way across Alaska to Dillingham. 

Sam I stayed home and held down the fort. And we were thankful for lots of time with Grammy and Papa and Aunt Coocoo and Emma.



After Ben got back, we spent time in the mountains. 

img_0077 img_0076 img_0074 img_0075

And fishing for silvers in Seward.

img_0087 img_0093 img_0096


Ben’s schedule was weird this month and so for one whole week, Sam and I had five days together! We went for walks, spent time with friends, and spent lots of time snuggling. 


September is also the perfect time to soak up the last of summer and play in the beautiful leaves! It was a great one too, with warm temps and lots of sunshine.


img_0214 img_0215 img_0216 img_0223 img_0224 img_0222 img_0208 img_0202 img_0203

And, oh the snuggles!

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img_0290 img_0291 img_0279 img_0264 img_0191 img_0190

sam21 sam20

img_3782 img_3784

And… Sam is now 11 months old! 

sam22 sam23

He likes: chasing balls around the house, standing and crawling and scooting around. He loves playing in the grass, eating leaves, and chewing on sticks. He loves being with friends and family. He loves bouncing and screaming and dancing and wiggling. He loves playing with his parents. He loves eating and his blanket and getting rocked to sleep.

He dislikes: 2 naps a day 🙁 maybe we are transition to just 1 which has his mom all 🙁

He can: Crawl really fast. Get up and down and turn around and every once in a way stand by himself. He can sleep through the night and DOES about every other night! He can fall asleep on his own. He knows his own name and can babble mama and dada but doesn’t quite yet know who those wonderful people are.

sam24 sam25