Beautiful days.

fcca9560b466c9731a52fecea7564c41The start of October also felt like the end of Summer. We said goodbye to my favorite season in style with a fantastic campout and bird hunt with our good friends, the Burtch’s and Turners. There were canoe trips, and fishing, and bird hunting, and campfires, and smores, and all things wonderful.

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The rest of October was a lot more low-key which felt really nice and needed. We went for lots of walks with friends. Did some home projects. Snuggled. Played in the yard. And enjoyed all the wonderful things.

We finished harvesting our garden.


We hung out at the zoo with Millie and Charlotte and Corrie.

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We had a lot of fun outside. Whether walking as a family or with our neighborhood friends or with the Turners or just mom and Sam, we had a great time. The air is crispy and cool. And the leaves all over the ground. Sam loves exploring everywhere he is. And Ben and I love to watch him take it all in.

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Sam and Ben went on Forest Patrol. Ben set Sam loose in the woods and let him explore however and wherever he wanted to.

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We got to spend time with family, snuggling, laughing, and doting on these two little cuties.


Ben and David spent a day destroying trees for our fireplaces. And then the next day, we headed up to the Burtch’s house, where Heidi made us lunch and Ben and David destroyed some more trees. And I got to hold babies!


Right near the end of October, it snowed beautiful, fluffy powder. So we headed up to the hills on our first snow day off and went on a glorious sunrise hike.

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To round out October, we Trick-or-Treated with our little minion. We hit up some neighborhood bonfires. Ben got beer. And we got to laugh with neighbors. Then we passed out chocolate to the cute little neighbor kiddos who came our way.

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And, oh the snuggles!

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And… Sam is now 12 months old! (Well, he will be in 4 days!)

2018sammy14 2018sammy15

He likes: To sit on his parents laps and play with toys. He also likes to sit on our laps just to snuggle. He’ll crawl over just to be sweet and climb up on our legs, reach his arms out, and give us a hug. He likes all his toys and his new bike Grammy Juju got him. He loves to race around the house but still needs help from his parents. He likes exploring the woods and leaves and going on forest patrol with his dad. He loves cooking with mom, snuggling close, and giving kisses. He loves being with friends and playing with new toys. He loves time with his cousin, Grammy, Papa, and Aunt. He likes to practice walking. He loves all sorts of yummy foods.

He dislikes: He KNOWS what he WANTS and does not like when his plans are interrupted. He dislikes being woken up from naps or sleep. He dislikes trying new milks like coconut or almond. He does not appreciate being told no.

He can: Do so much it’s hard to list it all. He’s crawling, bear crawling, exploring, climbing, and knows what he wants. He can wave “hi” and “bye”. He’s just a little genius.

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