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I love November. The start of the holidays and the crispy, snowy air. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and with Sam growing by leaps and bounds it felt that this November was just full of showing him new things. New trails. New snow. New fun. A big birthday celebration, a visit from Grammy Julie, and wonderful family time… could it get any better?

Party like your 1. Sammy’s party involved lots of friends and family and food and fun. It was wonderful. Ben and I felt so showered in love from all our community of supporters. And Sammy… the light of our lives. We are so wonderfully blessed by him. Happy birthday little buddy. We love you so much.

(Getting his toy from mom and dad)

(Getting his toy from mom and dad)

(Birthday waffles)

(Birthday waffles)

(Birthday time outside)

(Birthday time outside)


(At his bday party. Some like 22 babies showed up to celebrate with him. Including Esme, his betrothed 😉

(Birthday party love)

(Birthday party love)

Anniversary make-up. With Grammy Julie in town, we were able to go out for a night on the town to celebrate our anniversary. I know… we are super late, whatever! We love each other. I mean look at him… quite a catch.


Bicentennial Trail. A wander down Bicentennial Homestead trail with Grammy Julie. It was coooollddd but we bundled up and scooted down. We found a spot for forest patrol before heading back to find some warmth.



Backyard Shenanigans. The fun never stops when you get to play with Dad and Sam. Sam’s so blessed to have Ben as his dad always helping him find more fun and new ways to explore.

img_0962 img_0965 img_0981 img_0979 img_0973

Golden Grass to South Fork Rim Loop. It was a perfectly sunny day and wonderful hike with my two favorite people. What an awesome trail too. Seriously, get up on the hillside!

img_1016 img_4135 img_4144 img_4147 img_4128

Gasline to White Spruce to Blueberry Hollow Loop. My personal favorite hillside loop with my two favorite people. We found a spruce hen and Ruby chased it around. My little family is always lighting up my life.

img_1085 img_1081

Gasline to Panorama to South Fork to White Spruce Loop. An excellent loop and one I’d highly recommend. So glorious. We saw a moose and got up above the Anchorage fog. So perfect.

img_1108 img_4150

Thanksgiving Day. A wonderful day to practice purposeful thankfulness and Ben, Sam and I started this by spending time above the clouds. We walked Gasline to Hemlock Knob for a wonderful loop in the sun. I love my little family and am constantly thanking God for them. Then we headed down to my parents house for a thanksgiving feast and lots of laughter.

img_1129 img_1123 img_1127 img_1130 img_1128 img_1147

corwins md tgivingsam

Gasline to White Spruce to Blueberry Hollow Loop part 2. Another glorious hike on my favorite trail. Ben ran around with Sam laughing hysterically on his back. Love them.

img_4189 img_1169 img_4198

Glen Alps Forest Patrol. We wandered around Glen Alps and found Hemlock bushes to play in. Sam rode out on Ben’s shoulders in style. Be still my heart.

img_1171 img_1175 img_1177 img_1189 img_1193 img_1199 img_1209 img_1204 img_1218

And, oh the snuggles!

img_4127 img_4054



(I just felt my giant cabbage needed to be memorialized on the blog)


(I like when Ben makes me dinner and I get to lounge around!)

img_1154 img_6809 56486298418__657fee80-3945-44a7-9ca7-4f601c418c35 img_6788 img_1139 img_1140 img_1141img_1165

And… Sam is now 13 months old!

2018sam13 2018sam14

He likes: To play! And spend time with friends and family and especially his parents. He loves to pick out books and bring them to your lap to read. He loves to crawl around with his favorite cars and chase mom’s work-out ball and play with his toys. He loves food especially anything saucy. He loves music. He loves playing outside. He loves making sounds. He loves bouncing around with his dad and snuggling his mom. He’s a love bug.

He dislikes: Sleeping through the night (he can but chooses not to). Having colds and getting his nose wiped. He doesn’t appreciate getting his snow clothes on.

He can: Stand up on his own (but when he notices that he is, he loses his confidence and sits down). He can say mama and dada and mostly know what he means (he’s a genius!!!). He can sign “all done”. He can point out where a nose is. He can crawl, sit and move around this house no problem. He’s just pretty much the most amazing kid ever.

Favorite Book: Little Blue Truck & Night Night Forest Friends

Favorite Food: Spaghetti or Curry

Favorite Toy: Cars!

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