Merry Christmas!


Jingle Bells and Christmas Cheer.

We just finished taking down the last of the lights and tucking away the little angel until next year. So I felt like I wanted to sit down and blog away this morning and reminisce on this very happy Christmas.

We started our festive cheer by gathering up a tree.

It’s Sams second Christmas and we couldn’t help but compare this ever happy and growing boy to his little, snuggly, baby self. Can you spot the differences?!

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Christmas eve. Was spent with a candle lit service and a big feast at our house complete with moose and cake and presents from Grammy and Papa!


img_1521 img_1528 img_1527

After everyone left and Sam was tucked in, Ben and I watched the only real Christmas movie… Die Hard.


Christmas Day. We woke up to the Sam alarm and headed out to the tree where Sam played with his new train and we read a few new books from his mom and dad. He made at pretty well for such a little dude with some new outfits and a new dump truck from his Montana Grammy, Mimi and Papa.


img_4262 img_4254 img_4266 img_4284

Then we went for a beautiful and wonderful walk in the mountains. We did a great look from Upper O’Malley, up gasoline, over White Spruce, down South Fork Rim, over Panorama, and then back up Gasline. I’m very thankful for these wonderful trails and this wonderful family.

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Then we headed to Grammy and Papas for a massive crab boil feast and wonderful time around the tree with this lovely crew. I’m forever blessed by this wonderful crew.



Merry Christmas to you and yours! With love from the Corwins.