snuggly december.


December. Coziest of months. Warmest of times.

We cut down our Christmas tree and had the most wonderful Christmas joy. And we enjoyed our simple, wonderful, little life on trails and in the trees and around the fire and with each other.

Basher Loop. New trail. Sam happy hiking crew. Love these two.

img_1258 img_1259

Hillside trail. Peekaboo buddy. Another great day in the woods. Gosh, these hills so close. It’s nature therapy at it’s finest.


Hemlock Knob Loop. On Ben’s bday, we had the best loop in the woods celebrating our favorite person. We walked up on the Knob to catch the sights and snuggled our birthday boy close! Later that night, we made him dinner and cobbler and celebrated his wonderful self.

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Chester Creek Trail. We walked below our house in the wonderful snow and were thankful for these trails so close to our house.


Girdwood party. We headed to Girdwood to take some photos for our dear Turner friends and their family. We had a little fun of our own with some romps in the woods and yummy gumbo curtesy of Mindy.

img_1448 48389386_10104548422751395_675450415512289280_n img_1450 img_1456

Another beautiful hillside day. You couldn’t keep us off the hillside trails this month. There really is nothing better than spending the day with my beloveds outside.

img_1462 img_1471

Christmas time celebrations. They deserved a blog of their own.

Best friend time. Ben and David went out for a ski. Heidi and I let the kiddos go crazy.


img_4304 img_4301

Visit with Poppi and Mimi. Mimi and Poppi came to visit right after Christmas and stayed through the New Year. We walked in the snow and snuggled real close. Trails. And snow. And the bakery. And lots of laughs. Happy. Happy.

img_1582 img_1586

New Years Eve Celebrations! We went downtown to celebrate the fireworks and it was a joy to watch Sam’s eyes taking it all in. It was also a blessing to have Mimi and Poppy, Grammy and Papa, Aunt Jenn, Cousin Emma, Aunt Mandy, and Uncle Christopher to celebrate with!

img_1635 img_1634 img_1637 img_1611 img_1636 img_1638 img_1633

New Years Day first hike. We headed out with Mimi and Papa on New Years day for a first hike. It was lovely (and a bit breeeeezy).

img_1640 img_1643


And, oh the snuggles!

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img_1248 img_1249


img_1341 img_1340

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img_1576 img_1577 img_1578

And… Sam is now 14 months old! 

2018sambam1 2018sambam2

He likes: Toys! And cars! And watching mom cook. He loves to be a part of it all. He likes to climb up stairs. He likes all sorts of foods. He likes new adventures. He really likes to be held close.

He dislikes: Getting his nose wiped. Being told “no” (but I mean, don’t we all).

He can: Walk around by pushing his car or holding to fingers (so close buddy). Crawl everywhere and under everything. Babble away. He knows what he wants and gets it! He can point out mom and dad and himself in photos. He can eat just about anything. He loves snuggling with mom and dad. He loves being outside. He is just a little love bug. He looooves his family.

2018sambam3 2018sambam4