We started our this beautiful 2019 with a hike and time with Mimi and Poppi. We had a wonderful visit with them and were sad to see them head back to Montana. We love them

It was a FULL January. December felt so sleepy and cozy and January was like hitting the ground running and we had a lotttt to do. But you know, we made it through. Because we have each other. And because we walk and talk and laugh and hold each other up. I’m thankful for this crew!

Bama might have lost but we had a wonderful time with the Grammy and Papa crew.

img_1676 img_1686

Sledding day on the hillside was so incredibly fun. Sam had a blast and so did his parents. Ben is the best, have I mentioned that yet.

img_1691 img_1692 img_1707 img_1706

Hiking up around Blueberry Loop below Flattop we took in amazing sights then wondered down the Powerline Trail for some forest patrol and my goodness those two are cute.

img_1777 img_1807 img_1826 img_1778

img_4379 img_4371 img_4376 img_4374

Walking on one of my favorite trails (White Spruce to Blueberry Hollow) always makes me happy. It was just the perfect trail and, gosh, these two make me happy.

img_1790 img_1813 img_1820

Skiing at Hilltop with Emma was a treat for Uncle Ben who got this day of fun for Emma as her Christmas gift. They skied 13 runs and had a great time. We’ve got the sweetest little niece. Love her.

img_4395 img_4399 img_4401 img_4412

Painting was such a fun new adventure for Sam. He kept trying to eat the paint. I think he’s quite a prodigy.

img_1878 img_1879 img_1881 img_1880 img_1882 img_1883

Walking out at Eagle River Nature Center was such a lovely time. The mountains were big and so were the smiles. Love being outside with these two.

img_1905 img_1906 img_1907 img_1887 img_4423

Hiking up in the hills with these two makes my heart sing. They are brilliant; the lights of my life. My every day joys and what I sing thanks for daily.

img_1922 img_1915 img_1916Skiing with Blaine is one of Ben’s favorite things to do. And they had a brilliant day in the mountains.

img_4459 img_4460

Hiking with my buddies one last time before February. We sledded around the hillside and were thankful for our time together.

img_1986 img_1992 img_4473 img_2009 img_2010

And, oh the snuggles!

img_1653 img_1652 img_8164


img_1763 img_1766 img_1752 img_1756 img_1744 img_1745

2019sam 2019sam2


img_1829 img_1840 img_1829

img_1852 img_4386 img_4387 img_4390 img_4391 img_4393

img_1911 img_1912 img_1913 img_4419

img_4452 img_4454 img_1979 img_1944 img_1963 img_1957 img_1959 img_1968

img_2013 img_2012

And… Sam is now 15 months old! 

sam6 sam

He likes: Swimming with friends. And playing with friends. He loves toys but his favorite thing to do at home is read books with mom and dad. He loves to snuggle. He loves mama snuggles, we spend a lot of time doing that. He loves hiking and walking and being carried by dad. He loves being a big kid but mostly is our little baby and just wants to be with us. And that is just my favorite thing.

He dislikes: Teething. And so does mama.

He can: He’s soooo close to walking. He can move around on two feet while holding just one of my hands. He can push his car around everywhere and cruise around furniture. He can smile and hug like nobody’s business. He so good at figuring things out and so curious about learning. He’s growing by leaps and bounds and is so very smart.

I gotta say, I love this boy with my whole big heart.