fullness of life.


Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.

It turns what we have into enough, and more. Melody Beattie

On our first day off together in February, we hiked around the hillside and found the most beautiful sights. If you aren’t hiking around the hillside then you are missing out. Little Sammy loved it, and we did too!

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The very next day, we made a great loop out of White Spruce to Denali View to South Fork Rim back to White Spruce. It was wonderful! The fog kept us from having good views, but it sure was a perfect time.

img_2108 img_2109 img_2097

We treated ourselves to a little R&R in Girdwood with our dear friends the Turners and the Burtchs. It was a lovely retreat to a beautiful VRBO and just perfect. Ben skied on Monday and Sam and I walked around Moose Meadows and snuggled close. We hot-tubbed with friends. Ate yummy food. Tuesday was more of the same: snuggles, fun, walks, food, and lots of love. We drove home Wednesday after a perfect walk down Winner Creek Trail. Loved it.

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We enjoyed celebrating our dear niece, Emma’s 6th birthday! We love her!




On our next weekend off together, we wandered around the Anchorage trails. We started on the hillside trails, hitting up White Spruce and having a lovely time.


Then, on Tuesday and Wednesday, we tromped around the Bicentennial Trails and had a glorious time.


And we repeated that pattern on our last weekend in February, hitting up two awesome loops. On Tuesday, we walked Gasline to Powerline to White Spruce. Such an awesome loop and a wonderful way to enjoy this end of February sun.

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And on Wednesday, we walked Gasline to Hemlock Knob. It was glorious and sunny and felt amazing to kinda feel some sun-warmth.

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And, oh the snuggles!

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And… Sam is now 16 months old! 

sam14 sam15

He likes: So much that it is hard to list it all. He loves to reading books, wrestling, and pushing his car. He likes riding in backpacks, playing in the backyard, and walking around. He loves eating lots of food and snuggling with mom and dad. He loves his family and his sister, Ruby. He loves friends and trying new things. He’s great in restaurants and stores and loves seeing new faces and people. He’s just the very best.

He dislikes: Having to stop playing.

He can: Walk! And he’s getting better and better at it. Say more and more words like, “Uh oh!”. And so much more!

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