let’s march on through.


I don’t have anything amazing to report. We survived March and are eagerly anticipating summer around the corner. Ben got in some skiing. We, of course, got out on some trails. But mostly, we just snuggled, loved each other, and made it through. Tough months call for lots of love and I’m thankful for our little Corwin tribe.

Ben’s ski with Blaine in Hatcher Pass. Good turns. Good snow. Good friend. Good day.


Happy Birthday to Jennifer and Christopher. We love them!


A day at the zoo. Because we are cool. And so are animals.

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A day at the pool. And with our dear friends, Corrie, Millie, and Char-bear! Sam lounged poolside!


A picnic in the park. Because summer is on its way! And we got out on the Turnagain Arm Trail starting at Windy Point. We found a good spot to eat some sloppy joes and we thankful for our little perfect family.

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McHugh to Rainbow Turnagain Arm Trail. Left us in awe. The sunshine. The smiling little Sammy! This family, this miracle life, God gave me. I’m amazed.

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Lots of walks around the neighborhood. Because we love our little airport heights.


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And, oh the snuggles!

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sam19 sam17 sam18 sam20

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And… Sam is now 17 months old! 

sam sam2

He likes: being with his mom and dad. He still loves to read, play music, zoom his trucks around, push his big car. He now loves walking! And running!!! 🙂 He loves wearing his big snow boots and puddle boots and sneakers and playing outside, especially in puddles. He loves outside! Riding in the backpack, riding in the stroller, running down the street! Loves it all. He loves friends, going for walks, eating lots of food, and snuggling. He loves wrestling with his dad on our bed. And he loves dragging us around by our fingers. And we love allll of him!

He dislikes: Basically he loves life! And everything. He doesn’t like having things taken from him (who does). He isn’t particularly found of diaper changes because it means he’s gotta stop playing.

He can: Do so much! He’s walking faster and faster and farther and farther. He can eat so much and is open to trying new things. He’s pretty much amazing!

sam3 img_3034