hope campout.


We loaded up our camper a few days ago and set off for our first camping trip of the year. We didn’t care that it snowed on the way down, we just wanted to get outside and maybe find some good weather (stupid april snow storm!) And we found a lovely place in Hope, where we had amazing views, good weather, and lots of fun. I just love my little camping crew.


Sam and I were excited to have arrived. This little dream slept the whole way down and back. What a happy camper! When we got there, we pulled out the camp toys and had lunch. Then we loaded up our pack and hit the Gull Rock Trail. We hiked for about 2-3 miles and then turned around! It was a great trail, super easy and with some killer views!

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That night, Ben and I loved watching our little dude because all Sam wanted to do was explore and work. Down at the creek, in the dirt, with Ruby, or with one of us. He was precious and so much fun!

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img_5039 img_3541

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The next morning, we played some more and then geared up and hiked Hope Point which was another really lovely hike. Great switch backs and then breathtaking views. It was perfect and so much fun!

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We had so much fun and I’m so thankful for this little family. We ate some lunch and then drove home as happy little campers.