I’m thankful for this April. For time with Sam and Ben and Ruby. For sunshine and mountains. For the Resurrection of my Savior. And our family and friends near and far that we got to spend time with.

We started out April with a bang! A hike up Mt. Baldy on a just perfectly sunny day. Sam was a champ and we marched up the backside to the saddle with him in the backpack. Then we got out and had a delicious lunch and played with rocks and ran around in the tundra. It was perfect! Then we hit the summit and dropped down the frontside. We slipped and slid on down; it was a bit scary for me. It was a perfect day. And I LOVED IT!

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The next weekend, we marched up the backside of Flattop and it was a dream. I haven’t been up the new backside trail and I loved it. Loved the switch backs and beautiful views. Turned a hike I hated into an easy afternoon and lovely hike in the park. Sam was a champ (as always) and Ben is just always my very favorite.

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It has been a weird weather April. It started out so sunny and basically this super early break-up which led us to rake the yard in early April and get out on snow-free trails! It was amazing. Sam so loved exploring his new backyard freedom. But then a weird snow storm hit us for about 7 days at the end of the month, covering the yard and trails back up and making me all grumpy!

img_3186 img_3179

In the middle of April, we were excited for a visit with Grammy Julie! We were thankful to get out two times before the big snow storm hit! We hiked:

Turnagain Arm Trail. Ben found us an awesome social trail that led us to the most beautiful overlook of the gorgeous Turnagain Arm.

img_4868 img_4869 img_4872 img_4888 img_4899 img_4906 img_3254 img_4915 img_4918 img_4920

Backside of Flattop. We had a lovely march up the backside of Flattop. It was the first time Julie had been back since she took a tumble a few years ago. But the backside is so lovely compared to the front, even Julie remarked it felt like a different mountain because the trail was so different. I made it up in record time which is why my face is so smiley at the top!

img_4930 img_4934 img_4936 img_4940 img_4953 img_4959 img_4962 img_4965 img_4970


We had a lovely visit with Julie and were thankful for some beautiful days in the sun, fun laughs at home, and time together.

We celebrated a very Happy Easter! We had easter dinner and an easter egg hunt on Saturday evening with our family and a lovely Easter service on Sunday evening after we got off work. It was lovely and delightful and we loved seeing our little Easter bunny find his eggs!

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At the end of the month we went camping in Hope. It was lovely.

April ended with lots of neighborhood walks with this cute little man. And boy do I love him.

img_3625 img_3626 img_3630

Also Sam got to meet his new cousin, Saban. He was nervous at first but very quickly little kitty became the nervous one.

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And, oh the snuggles!





And… Sam is now 18 months old! 

sam23 sam24

He likes: to walk and run! He loves being outside and exploring. He likes walking on trails and playing the backyard. He loves spending time with family, snuggling with his parents, and smiling. He’s a really happy, curious, and smart little guy. We looove spending time with him too, if you couldn’t tell! He loves trucks and wheels, books and music, cooking and eating yummy food. He loves camping!

He dislikes: vegetables. eggs.

He can: Walk and run (sorta, kinda wobbly). He can say, “uh oh”, “mama”, “dada”, “whoa”, “wow”. He is learning more and more every day!

sam26 sam25