camping crew.

I couldn’t live where there were no trees; something vital in me would starve. Lucy Maud Montgomery


It was a wonderful weekend to be out camping and we were blessed with another excellent Kenai Lake trip with our dear friends, the Turners and the Burtch’s. Ben and I geared up headed down. We were met with some rain and overcast skies but the weather just kept getting better and better. We played by the lake and made a big fire and ran around having fun. It felt great to be outside together!

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It was too long until the Turners and the Burtch’s arrived and the camping party was on. 6 kids, 3 dogs, and 3 truck campers make for one happy crew!!!!

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The next day was just glorious. The sun was out, the mountains beautiful, the water flat, and it got hot later in the afternoon. We saw a mama moose and two little babies, followed by a black bear attempting to eat the babies, and mama moose chasing the bear away! We played at the creek, went for walks on the beach, napped in the sun and sat around the campfire. It was another absolutely brilliant and soul refreshing day!

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It was such a glorious camping trip. Soul refreshing time with friends. Great campfire talks. Beautiful sights. And it was so much fun to watch Sam running around and having so much fun loading up his dump trucks with rocks, tossing rocks in the lake, and playing with his friend. We are so thankful for friends who are like family and spend time outside with us.

Feeling very thankful and very much wanting to go outside and CAMP!