May is my favorite month, I think. If I had to pick it would be May! The change of seasons, the start of camping, the trees and gardening, the friends, the bonfires! Just everything.

And this May did not disappoint!

Friends. We got to spend lots of times with friends. Walks in the park. Time at their homes. Dinners and bonfires and everything in between. One lovely May day, we got to play with Millie and Charlotte and get dirty and messy and it was delightful!

img_3688 img_3698

Garden. Ben, Sam and I got the garden ready! We planted potatoes (and made a new potato patch), carrots, zucchini, butter lettuce, kale, rainbow chard, cilantro, dill, and cabbage. We were excited that our chives came back on their own! Sam was a big help and loved playing in the dirt and being with dad.

img_3743 img_3748 img_3771 img_3777 img_3778 img_3787 img_3793

img_3808 img_3815 img_3821 img_3829 img_3848

White Spruce Loop. After our camping trip, we went on a beautiful and warm hike on White Spruce and it was perfection!


Hemlock Knob Loop. We only had one day off together the last weekend in May. So we snuggled, ate well, and went on a hike to Hemlock Knob. It was lovely and we saw a little brown bear about 100 feet away! Yikes!


Backyard Hangout. We got to spend an evening with mom, dad, Jenn, and Emma. It was delightful fun. I made chicken pot pie and chocolate cake. And Emma, Sam, and new puppy, Stella, made us all laugh while they tore up the backyard. It was great.

img_7963 img_7961 img_7968

img_3473 img_3471 img_3476

And, oh the snuggles!

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And… Sam is now 19 months old! 

sam30 sam29

He likes: playing with his cars! Like all day, every day. He loves friends, camping, rocks, and being outside. He loves hanging with his parents. He still likes reading but it is definitely more of a truck month. He likes snuggling and usually likes naps. He loves riding in the backpack, playing with dogs, and eating snacks. He loves being around other people but he also can play really great by himself. He loves wrestling and laughing and playing with his parents.

He dislikes: When his parents ask him to stop playing with his cars.

He can: He’s getting really agile and can get up and down on lots of things. He’s very determined. He understands more and more of what we are saying. He can do so many more things it’s hard to say them all!

sam36 sam35