curry ridge.


We headed out of Anchorage on a delightful Tuesday ready to try new things. I was EXCITED! And just love getting out, camping, and exploring.

We stopped in first at a spot Heidi told us about on the Susitna River. It was delightful. Sam loved playing in the water, throwing sticks and rocks, splashing, and running around. It seriously was a little heaven on earth.

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After a little lunch and time by the water, we loaded up and headed up to K’esugi Ken Campground in Denali State Park. I had never been there and was excited to try out a new space. We don’t usually stay in typical campgrounds so it was kinda fun to walk around, wave at campers, and try the little campground trails. We unloaded, relaxed, walked around, played a lot, ate a yummy dinner, campfired, and then tried to put our munchkin down which was a serious parenting feat!

(Please forget my blindly WHITE legs!)

(Please forget my blindly WHITE legs!)

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(Ultimately though, mama and him snuggled all night!)

(Ultimately though, mama and him snuggled all night!)

The next morning, we woke up and set out on what we came to K’esugi to do… hike Curry Ridge. I’ve always wanted to backpack K’esugi Ridge, this year isn’t the year for it, so this was second best. We headed out on a super nice, easy trail. And made it to the top in under 1.25 hours.

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The sights were glorious. Denali and Foraker and Hunter and the Alaska Range were standing there in all their glory, a bit concealed by clouds, but the clouds would come and go and we’d get peeks of their peaks. Sam ran around, picking up rocks, climbing on rocks, and chasing Ruby. We ate lunch and marveled at the glorious fish bowl we were in of blue, greens, whites, and tundra colors. It was a great hike and we highly recommend it!

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We headed back down into the trees, stopping along the way to climb rocks, before Sam got in the pack and took a snooze. It was great! And we were HOT! This Alaska girl had Ben pour water all over her hair in the parking lot. So sweaty! All in all, we would recommend this great place to anyone looking for a beautiful and low-key hike!

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We were thankful for our time outside and trying new places. This summer is gearing up to be an amazing one and we love adventuring together!