june bug.


Lovely June.

We love you.

Longest days.

Bright sunshine.

Little Sammy and happy adventures.

We are thankful.

Oh what a month it was! With many adventures and lots of fun! It was full of love and goodness!

We hiked Curry Ridge and tried out the new Kesugi Ken Campground.

Sammy and Ben got to spend two days off together at the beginning of the month! They went hiking down South Fork and biking on the Chester Creek trail! They had the best time together

img_2157 img_2156 img_5337 img_5343

We played outside a lot! We hiked with friends on the Old Rondy Trail and on the Westchester Bike Trail. Played in the backyard almost every day, spending time splashing in the pool and chasing balls. We spent time at our neighborhood playground where Sam mastered the curly slide, well almost! We also went to the Wednesday Night Farmer’s Market in our neighborhood lots and ate our fair share of ice cream!

(Lovely day on the Old Rondy Trail)

(Lovely day on the Old Rondy Trail)

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img_4793 img_4790

The loveliest of sunny days found us up on the Powerline Trail where we hiked in the sun and soaked up the beauty!

img_4529 img_4533

We fished the first run of reds on the Kenai River. It was a perfectly sunny and hot day. Sam did great and we came home with a red salmon that we ate the very next night.

(Sam did great on the way down, especially since we woke him up so early)

(Sam did great on the way down, especially since we woke him up so early)


img_4639 img_4640 img_4643 img_4644 img_4652 img_4654 img_4659

img_4665 img_4670

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We celebrated daddy and Papa and how lovely they are on Father’s Day. In the morning, Sammy took his dad out to Fire Island Bakery for breakfast and then hiked the Middle Fork trail for an adventure. In the evening, we went out to dinner as a family at Bears Tooth.


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Ben dip netted the Copper River for the first time. He didn’t get a ton of fish but he learned a lot and will be back next year. Watch out, Copper!

img_5493 img_5492

We hiked the South Fork Rim of Shipp Creak and the South Fork Trail of Eagle River one weekend. After hiking the South Fork Trail of Eagle River, we went and played on one of the gravel bars, having the most glorious time. It was a great weekend of being outside in the sunshine.

(Out on South Fork Rim)

(Out on South Fork Rim)


(On the South Fork Trail)

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We hung out in Seward and it was marvelous!

And, oh the snuggles!

sam41 sam48 sam47 sam46 sam45 sam44 sam43

img_5346 img_5348 img_5334 img_2704


(This is how Sam likes to ride in his stroller now)

(This is how Sam likes to ride in his stroller now)


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img_5026 img_4853 img_5035 img_5029

And… Sam is now 20 months old! 



He likes: Playing! Talking! Swimming in the pool. Being at the playground. Hanging out with friends and family. He likes toys and trucks and his lawn mower. He likes snuggling and being held. He loves running around outside. He loves his swing and his animals. He loves his mama and dada.

He dislikes: Being asked to stop something to do something he doesn’t want to do. And diaper changes. OMG.

He can: Say “mama, dada, wawa, papa, woah, owww, wow, ball and anana (which means iguana)!” He can howl, pant, roar, hiss, and ooh ooh ahh ahh like a monkey. He can eat like a big kid. He can run. He understands soooo much! He’s a genius.

sam4 sam5