seward and the sea.


We were blessed with another amazing trip too Seward. We loaded up Sunday after work and set sail for a great weekend. We camped right on the edge of the water with our friends, Alia & Ryan and Heidi & David and their families. It was a dream.

But you might be wondering… what is the recipe for a perfect weekend in Seward? Well I have just the blog for you!

Start with one serving of the Sea Life Center. Sammy looooved it and so did all the other kiddos in our crew. While Ben was out fishing with Ryan, we saw seals, sea lions, star fish, and soooo many other sea creatures.

img_4862 img_4866 img_4867 img_4876 img_4905 img_4908 img_4882 img_4891 img_4894 img_4900 img_4901

Next up, add in two days in Resurrection Bay fishing. Ben was blessed to get two days on the water catching halibut and rockfish and a few other creatures that didn’t make it into the cooler.

img_5518 img_5519 img_5531 img_5532 img_5534 img_5545

img_3020 img_5539

Definitely add in a big splash of lounging around because it’s Seward and you can. The water, the waves, the mountains. So restful and peaceful and we love it. Throw in a campfire, smores, yummy dinners. Perfection.img_4911 img_4915


One of the most important ingredients… playing on the beach! While the dad’s were fishing, we took everyone to the end of town beach at Lowell Point and played, played, and played some more.

img_4926 img_4928 img_4929

Take a nap. Duh!  

And soak it all up. Your trip will be over in the blink of an eye. Ours sure was. So enjoy the beauty, and the family, and everything in between. Our last day was spent at the beach were we ate breakfast and lunch, played in the sand, explored the rocks at low tide and soaked it all up!

img_4945 img_4962 img_4961 img_4966

img_4974 img_4987 img_4968 img_4978img_5010 7c65d5c8-c697-48b4-a0ca-ebbb004959d3 img_4998

What a joy!