how to celebrate america!


My blog is a bit late because we’ve been having fun. And having record breaking heat so mostly at night we sit outside and the last thing I’ve wanted to do is put a laptop on my lap. But it went down in temps today and so I’m cuddled up on my bed ready to tell you about our great 4th of July weekend.

We celebrated America in the perfect way…

We hiked a mountain. At the start of our three day weekend, we headed up to Hatcher Pass, where we hiked my favorite favorite peak, Hatch Peak. Afterwards, Ben dove in the April Bowl Tarns to cool off. Notice the snow in the background… Brr.

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We played at a lake. On the second day of our weekend, we hung out with our friends, the Burtches, at Eklutna Lake. We paddle boarded, jumped in, lounged on the beach, played in the mud, and had a perfectly HOT day!

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We played in our backyard. And on Independence Day, we played in the backyard, gardened, made yummy food, played in the pool, and soaked up the sunshine.

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It was a perfectly wonderful 4th of July weekend. We are so thankful for our family.