blueberries & cranberries


We just got back from a great trip into the woods with our dear friends, the Burtch’s, where we found blueberries, cranberries, mountains, and good times.

Ben, Sam, Ruby, and I headed up north and made a little nest for ourselves in the woods. We went on lovely walks, Sammy leading the way. Ate yummy lunch, thanks PB&J. Took naps, go mom and Sam, And picked 70oz of blueberries, thanks Ben!


The Burtch’s arrived later in the day and we had more fun and more food and more loveliness.  img_6031 img_6034

Later that evening, we went on a sunset walk, finding berries and joy in the bushes. I love this crew and I love this place.

img_6037 img_6039 img_6042 img_6044 img_6045The next morning, Sam, Ben, and I took a morning sunrise walk while the Burtch’s picked berries. There is nothing I enjoy more than being outside with these two. There is something about watching Sam explore and enjoy that makes my heart so happy. We enjoyed time at camp and time with each other.


Later, Ben and Sam went out to pick some more berries. Sam methodically and gently picked berries for about 1 hour. Sitting in the bushes, patiently, enjoying himself. He would suck on berries and then plop them in his jar, so lovingly and so happily. I checked in on them from time to time, my two content berry bears.

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After lunch and saying goodbye to friends, we all headed back into the bushes where Ben finished getting 70oz of cranberries and Sam picked berries happily sometimes putting them directly in my mouth. Yum. He’s just the best and cutest and most wonderful thing in the world.

img_6099 img_6101 img_6112 img_6113

It was such a wonderful and perfect trip. I couldn’t have asked for a better time outside with my boos picking blues.