oh geez, Valdez!

Oh please, Valdez. Oh squeeze, Valdez. With ease, Valdez! So many rhymes! And such lovely times (you see what I did there), we had on a short trip to Valdez.


With Ben’s dad a.k.a. Poppi in town, we loaded up my parent’s camper (thanks so much Grammy and Papa) and hit the road on Monday morning. Sam was stoked!


It was a loooong drive with ‘holy craps’ amount of road construction, but we finally made it to Thompson Pass about 7 hours later and we hit the hills.

img_6116 img_6119 img_6121 img_6120

img_6128 img_6135 img_6159 img_6170

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img_6462 58e94fa3-92a3-48c5-86a3-b5c7820d4aaf img_6468

We hit the hay that night in an awesome campsite in Thompson Pass after a nice evening of rockfish tacos and campfire times.

The next morning, we headed into Valdez and stopped at Allison Point where we fished for silvers but only caught rotting pinks. Oh well, you win some, you lose some! It was a glorious day and so nice to be on the water.

img_6474 img_6476 img_6483 img_6486 img_6472 img_6492 img_6497 img_2306

We made camp out near Valdez Glacier and had another great evening.


The next morning, we explored the beach near Mineral Creek and watched giant chums swim up the little creeks. Whoa. So cool. We saw sea lions (maybe seals), lots of birds, and soaked in another wonderful day in Valdez. We spent lunch in Valdez town and explored some docks and boardwalks before packing up and heading home.

img_6505 img_6189 img_6195 img_6201 img_6215 img_6221 img_6237 img_6238

We are thankful for our time in Valdez and the sunshiney wonderfulness.