summer living


This summer has been one of the best ever. Starting with an epic spring and now ending with a wonderful August. I couldn’t be more excited for fall and ready for a bit cooler temperatures.

August started with a trip to Arctic Valley where we hiked a ways into the hills finding beautiful fireweed on the otherwise foggy day.

img_5821 img_5816

We found some loveliness with a picnic down Reed Lakes trail in Hatcher Pass. Sam loved climbing and exploring and hiking for quite a ways down this great trail.


76840be0-371e-4aa7-a0f4-7a53bbe98338img_5844 img_5848We spent a lot of time having fun in our backyard, harvesting from our garden, picking berries, and enjoying the sunshine and sweet grass between our toes.


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Ben and his buddy Taylor went on a sheep hunt (sadly no sheep) but Sam and I still had fun while we missed dad. We hung out with lots of friends, went for walks, and spent time with each other. One particularly fun day, we hit up the zoo and Sam LOVED it, especially climbing on the fence to look at the big animals.

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Dad got back a bit early from his trip so we headed up to the hillside where we hiked on the South Rim Trail and it was just so nice to be hiking in one of my favorite places with my favorite people.


The next day we headed to Point Woranzof for some beach time. Sam loved playing in the sand, not so much the mud, and loved eating his sandwich and stepping on rocks.

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When Ben got home early, we spent a lot of time processing 20 gallons of apples from our backyard into 6 gallons of applesauce and apple butter and 2 gallons of sliced frozen apples for the freezer. We also traded two of our zucchinis and for some friend’s cucumbers to make pickles, chopped up some swiss chard stems to make pickled swiss chard, and shredded some of our cabbage for some sauerkraut. Fingers crossed it turns out…


After our wonderful blueberry hunting trip, we headed to the market in our neighborhood. One of many Wednesdays every month that we walk over for ice cream, good music, and lovely neighbors. Sam really likes the ice cream!

img_6402 img_6409

At the end of the month, we enjoyed a lovely visit from Ben’s dad, Bill. We borrowed my camper’s camper for a trip to Valdez for hiking and camping and all sorts of lovely experiences.

And, oh the snuggles!

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And… Sam is now 22 months old! 

img_6115 img_6116

He likes: Snuggling his stuffed animals. Being outside. Picking berries. Puzzles, legos, stacking, and all activities that take a bit of brain power. He loves helping his dad chop wood. He actually just loves helping in general: unloading the dishwasher, helping vacuum, helping mom get things from the pantry, are some of his favorite ways to help. He loves spending time with mom; we snuggle, read books, go for walks, cook, and get messy together. He loves any time he can play with mom and dad and you know what buddy, we love it too! He loves to snuggle and mama sure loves that as well. He loves to play with the fan and play with shadows. He loves dancing to the Moana soundtrack with mom.

He dislikes: Getting showers, diaper changes, having his plans changed.

He can: He asks constantly for what things mean and what they are. His understanding is growing by leaps and bounds. He can run and is trying to jump and kick balls and rocks. He can use regular spoons and forks and is learning to drink out of an open cup. He’s just wonderful.

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