October for the soul.


I love Octobers. And this October was absolutely love-filled and lovely!

We started off by welcoming Ben and Chris back from their amazing moose hunt. After packaging, boiling, and grinding the meat, we set out into the hills for a little break and some time together. We enjoyed a rainy day on the hillside trails and soaked each other up.


October is perfect for bonfires and marshmallows and perfect evenings outside. Sam tried his first marshmallow and I’m guessing, from his face, he’ll be coming back for more.

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One lovely day, we headed down Indian Creek Trail. It was a lovely meandering in the leafy woods, where we collected leaves for projects, threw rocks in the creek, and loved watching our Sam run the whole way. It was lovely.

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We found a super lovely 5 mile loop on the Campbell Track connecting several lovely trails. It was a very perfect walk.


In October, Ben and Sam harvested the last of the garden: potatoes, carrots, and kale on several evenings when I was stuck at work. They sure had fun filling up our pantry.

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We enjoyed a lovely visit with Grammy Julie. We carved and painted pumpkins, went on a lovely hike, and had lots of fun playing outside!

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We had a lot of fun stomping down the Moose Munch trail for another love 4-5 mile walk. The air is crispy, the trails crunchy, and our hearts full of fall love!

img_6916 img_6910 img_6912 img_6915

On our last day off together in October, we enjoyed a perfect look on the Hilltop Trails. Sam saw his first horse walking along and the day was just lovely.

img_6924 img_6936

And we ended October, with a perfect Halloween celebration. Sam, our little lion cub, handed out candy by the bonfire, while the older kiddos went trick-or-treating. Mine and Sam’s first trick-or-treaters were of the four leg variety in the morning and they ate our pumpkin! What’s the neighborhood coming to!?

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And, oh the snuggles!

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And Sam is now 2 years old, well almost, in a few days! And he’s absolutely perfect. 

img_8095 img_8092

No longer a little baby and I can barely keep track of all he likes and can do. He is learning so much, growing so wonderfully, and is just the most loving and adorable kiddo ever. He’s now fully toddler and fully everything to me. And I love this little munchkin so very much.

img_6847 img_6846