sunshiney days….

  There isn’t much better than time spent with your boos. Ruby, Ben and I hit the Turnagain Arm trail from McHugh to Windy last week and it was glorious! The next day we hiked through the woods to try out hand at some rock climbing. It has been over 2 years since the last […]

Oh, for the love of climbing – The Monolith

This past weekend, Jake, Corrie, Ben and I went out to Hatcher Pass to climb on the Monolith! It was the most amazing weekend! We started out Saturday morning around 10:00 and drove up to Hatcher Pass and down Archangel Road. When we got to the end of the road, we unloaded all our crap, […]

Oh, for the love of climbing – Pivot Point

Pivot Point At the end of April, Jake, Corrie, Pancho and I went out and climbed at Pivot Point ! Unfortunately, Ben had to go to a weekend conference called “Trail Rondy” and so wasn’t able to come with us… boo. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, I stole his gear and used it! […]

Turning 23!

Eek! I’m getting older! Yesterday, I turned 23! My birthday celebrations, though, started this past Sunday evening when we got together with a bunch of friends and had drinks and appetizers at Simon and Seaforts. It was an absolutely splendid evening and I felt so blessed to have such wonderful friends. This is the only […]

1st Rock of 2011!

So this past weekend, Ben and I were able to get on some rock with our good friends, Jake and Corrie (and their trusty sidekick/nephew, Pancho). I was so super stoked to get outside and do one of my favorite things! Before we took off on our adventure, we stopped at REI to spend our […]