on the state of the blog…

on the state of the blog…

Oh my! These past 4 or 5 weeks have been such torture for me and my poor blog (and also maybe my dad)! About that time, I learned that I was going to need to migrate my domain and blog to a new serving, hosting site, whatever it was called. It meant that I had […]

two kinds of believers

I’ve been struggling to write my usual long-winded thoughts on everything spiritual. Mostly because my thoughts have been clogged with frustration and sadness. I mean, a lot of other things have been happening for me and my thoughts (as usual) ping-pong among different theological topics; all of which, I wholeheartedly want to blog about (mostly […]

We are all leaders.

What is a Leader? As I stumble through Exodus, Leviticus, and now Numbers this year, I’m drawn to the immense teaching God displays for us on leadership and humility throughout these passages. Moses, Aaron, Miriam and many more exhibit for our readership many to-dos and do-not-attempts upon the pages. Their bouts with disease, war, and […]

a living altar.

I’ve heard of the idea of living a life of worship. And it isn’t that I have wrestled with this idea or that I have struggled with believing this to be a good thing. On the contrary, I want to live a life of worship. But for me, sometimes I struggle with the foot to […]

waiting in Him.

What is the difference between waiting on and waiting in. I feel like for a while now I have been waiting on God. Waiting for Him to arrive on the scene. In my mind, He is somehow lost. And I will just wait. And, here I sit, patiently, well maybe not so patiently, waiting for God […]

Why I Love Women’s Ministry: a call to a higher standard.

I’ll start this little blog by acknowledging several things. First, if I had written this two years ago, it might have been titled, I Hate Women’s Ministry, but it’s amazing what God does with an open heart and a questioning brain. About two years ago, Ben and I embarked heart first, head following into an […]

The grief of wishes…

The grief of wishes. The grief of wishes feels like a memory you want to remember but can’t forget. Like a name slipping your mind, you can’t remember it but want to. And yet, like a song you can’t stop singing, but wish you could. The grief of wishes feels like a lingering taste in […]

God on my ipod.

God talks to me in many ways. I am a thick skulled person and sometimes don’t recognize it right away. It takes a few days for it to mull over in my mind. For God to work it into my brain for peeling and picking a part. Other times though, like a rock to my […]

My un-forgiving heart. And the road I took to see it.

I had been harboring un-forgiveness in my heart. Worst part about it. I didn’t even know it existed. I mean I couldn’t be in the same room as the person. Ugh, I hated the sound of their voice. I didn’t want to be anywhere near them. Every time I thought that I might have to interact […]