Happy 1-Year Old Birthday Bloggie!

wow! I can’t believe that it has already been 1 year since I started this beautiful little blog! and oh, the places we have been!: under the chuppah tofino, b.c. new apartment finding spike discovering fuzzy skiing ice-climbing small-groupy-ing fireworks downtown fun with the temeculans master’s school trail crew snow-plowing bye BP, hello again Providence Cancer […]

1st Rock of 2011!

So this past weekend, Ben and I were able to get on some rock with our good friends, Jake and Corrie (and their trusty sidekick/nephew, Pancho). I was so super stoked to get outside and do one of my favorite things! Before we took off on our adventure, we stopped at REI to spend our […]

How To Know That You Have An Amazing Husband?!

At times it might be difficult to fully know if you have an amazing husband. Maybe you are super busy, your nose is in a textbook and you spend 16 hours a week in graduate school? Maybe you don’t get home most evenings until late and slump over on the couch like a giant slug? […]

How To Throw An Amazing Bridal Tea

Step 1: Send out absolutely adorable invitations to the bride-to-be’s family and friends!!! (a little shout-out to the wonderful http://www.shutterfly.com/) Step 2: Do a little light cleaning. Step 3: Always make tissue paper flowers! Step 4: Prepare all the delicious food the day before! Step 5: Make friends with an amazing cake baker who volunteers to make a beautiful […]

March (and February) Madness

Craigslist. Fur Rondy. Housesitting. Ice-Climbing. Volleyball. February and March have been fun and exciting months. We sold two trucks and bought another! (I know, almost sounds a little unproductive). But Ben finally put his beloved Nissan (a.k.a. Bertha) on Craigslist and quickly sold it to some lucky UAA college student. Ben also put his Ford […]

Kincaid Beach (AGAIN!), Vday and Nikiski!

We have been up to no good lately – running around Alaska like madmen/women. We stomped down to Kincaid Beach again the other day with our buddies, Jake and Corrie (told you I loved it!!!), had a splendid Valentine’s Day and then took off across Turnagain Arm in search of a cabin in Nikiski! February […]


This past Saturday, the Corwins found themselves marching around Kincaid Park in West Anchorage on an absolutely gorgeous day filled with sunshine! Ben and I went on a walk down my favorite trail in Kincaid. It’s my favorite because there is a “secret” side trail that you can take which leads you down the bluff […]

What We Have Been Up to Lately

Yeesh! It has been a long time since we have written on our blog but it isn’t for lack of reason! Ben and I have been extremely busy this winter. I started Graduate School in late August and an internship at the Providence Cancer Center shadowing a social worker on the Patient Navigation team; and, […]

“Spike…Here Spike” The story of my first moose

The story begins on Friday, September 10th, the weekend after I had gotten back from a 10 day long sheep hunt in the Brooks Range with my buddy, Kris and his dad. After a long day of digging dirt and moving rocks on the trail, I arrived back to our little apartment and was so […]

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Bear

We just finished the most amazing weekend ever! I’m still on a high!!! And I seriously couldn’t wait to blog about it… such a wonderful trip. I feel like I should try to be sassy and witty and snarky like other good bloggers, but I’m seriously on cloud nine and just want to tell the […]